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Requirements for a Master’s or Postgraduate degree

Conducting a postgraduate or master’s degree study is no longer prohibited for those who do not have an official degree or an old degree. The educational offer has expanded and the delivery of this type of studies is no longer limited to universities and official centers. Private institutions compete in a sector that has expanded enormously, and they do soin many caseswith proposals that compete remarkably with the quality of official studies.

A master’s degree or own graduate does not have the same characteristics as an official one. Remember that they do not have the same official accreditation, so outside of Spanish territory they do not have recognition. Although they do not have full academic effects, their advantage is that they are oriented for professional practice, so they respond to a certain social demand. For this reason, and if your intention is not to travel outside of Spain, an own title can report work promotion benefits in the same way as an official title.

We already know what the conditions are for accessing an official master’s degree, but what are those requirements in regard to a title of own character?

If we take into account that our own degrees are taught by different types of centers that operate autonomously and often privately, we can understand that each of them has its own requirements. Therefore, the conditions for accessing a master’s or postgraduate course are established by the same center of your choice, so they vary from one institution to another, being almost nonexistent in some of them and requiring even years of work experience in others. Despite these differences, it is possible to establish a series of general parameters that schools usually take into account for the acceptance of their students, which we outline below:

Educational training

On many occasions, a list of the studentsprevious studies is required by the center’s directors, who will evaluate in comparison with the rest of the applicants the suitability of their candidacy with respect to the chosen studies. In this case, any previous training is likely to be taken into account, so it is important to explain in detail our studies.

Professional experience

Especially with regard to MBAs or studies that involve a very high level of professionalization, the requirements to access are related to the experience that the candidate can provide, being an inescapable condition, in some cases, until having experience in management positions of more than five years. As in the rest of the cases, the experience required will be conditioned by the type of training you want to access.


Directly related to the previous requirement, age can be an important factor if the master or postgraduate of your choice is designed for people who are already adults with a more or less consolidated career, who seek to promote themselves in the workplace or expand their field of action.


In other cases, and provided that the training is directly related to it, the directors of the center can request a list of publications or disclosures of authorship of the applicant, always to assess their level of professionalization and experience.

These are usually the requirements to be taken into account for those masters and postgraduates themselves that are more demanding for their candidates, but the reality is that the vast majority of offer has much lower requirements, thus enabling access to a wide variety of profiles and situations.

If your intention is to take a master’s or postgraduate course and you do not meet the requirements to be able to access an official one, or if you want to do a more practical training oriented to professionalization, do not hesitate: consult our extensive catalog of masters and get in touch with the centers that offer this type of studies.

The future is waiting for you!