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Everything you need to know about the doctorate: find out and start writing your thesis

Have you ever considered being a university professor? Do you like the idea of dedicating yourself to research? If the answer to these two questions is yes, perhaps you should start thinking about a PhD. But what is the PhD? How many years does it last? First of all, we must be clear that the Spanish university system is organized into three cycles: first cycle (undergraduate studies), second cycle (master’s studies) and third cycle (doctoral studies). Thus, we can define doctorate as the highest link in academic life. Of course, getting a doctor’s degree does not mean you can not continue training. If you wish, you can enroll in another career, in another master’s degree and even do another doctoral thesis.

To begin your doctorate studies it is essential that you have previously passed with a university degree and an official master’s degree. This last requirement is especially important: keep in mind that own titles do not give access to the third cycle. According to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, doctoral studies usually last between three and five years. However, the duration may vary depending on the student’s interests, since the thesis must often be combined with work or other obligations. Nowadays, the possibility of taking a doctorate from a distance facilitates the attainment of both objectives.

Broadly speaking, the third university cycle has two purposes:

  • Provide advanced training in research.
  • Train the student as a future university teacher.

If you want to obtain the title of doctor, you must write a doctoral thesis. The doctoral thesis is a research project in which the future doctor applies the scientific method to reach a series of conclusions. Any field of knowledge is suitable for doctoral studies, from literature and art history to economics or medicine. Once the thesis is finished, you will have to present the written text to a court and defend it orally in front of it. The court will be composed of specialist doctors in the field of study of the thesis.

Where do I get the money to do the doctorate?

Doing a doctoral thesis is a long and complex process, so it is common that in some moments cause feelings of stagnation and stress. In this sense, being able to dedicate hours and turn it into our main occupation makes things a lot easier. But, how can we do it to carry out the thesis without renouncing the economic income? In Spain there is a system of public and private scholarships designed for students in the third cycle. With a good financing, we can consider the doctorate as any other worked and go forward every day.

The requirements to access a public scholarship are the following:

  • Be in possession of a higher degree.
  • Be enrolled in a doctorate program at any state university (for Ministry scholarships) or autonomic (for each university’s scholarships).
  • Have an average grade of 1.6 or more in the undergraduate studies.

According to the weighting of the file, each qualification has the following value:

  • Approved: 1
  • Remarkable: 2
  • Excellent: 3
  • Enrollment of honor: 4

Therefore, if you want to aspire to a public scholarship it is important that you take care of the average of your file from the first day. Have you seen it clear? Is the doctorate the option that most appeals to you? Well, check the training offer of our website and start writing your thesis.